FALL 2007


This course will introduce you to the laboratory techniques important in organic and inorganic chemistry.  These techniques will include methods for separation and purification, chromatography, and spectroscopic analysis.  Methods used in the synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds will also be presented.  You will be asked to describe the results of your experiments in a notebook, short reports, and using accepted professional research journal format.


Instructors:  Drs. Amenta and Gilje


Grades:       Your grade will be determined by your performance on reports, an evaluation of your notebook, homework assignments, and an assessment of your laboratory skills.


Laboratory schedule*:

Week                      Thursday       Tuesday                  Exercise

1                            8/30                    9/4               Prep., isolation acetanilide

2                            9/6                    9/11               Recryst, mp acetanilide

3                            9/13                  9/18               Distillation of pure cyclohexane

       and toluene, IR demo

4                            9/20                  9/25               Distillation of mixture, IR

5                            9/27                  10/2               GC

6                            10/4                  10/9             Active Extraction

7                            10/11                10/16             Cont. AE, NMR lecture

8                            10/18                10/23             Cont. AE

9                            10/25                10/30             Cont. AE

10                          11/1                  11/6               NMR lecture

11                          11/8                  11/13             Dehydration (dist. GC, NMR)

12                          11/15                11/01             TBA

13                          11/22                11/27             No Lab on 11/22. TBA for 11/27

14                          11/29                 12/4              Lab Lecture

15                          12/6                  ----                 Lab Lecture


*This schedule is subject to change.  More details regarding the assignments and any changes will be announced and/or posted in lab.


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