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- Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

- Aldrich Catalogue

- A nice explanation of IR spectroscopy at Michigan State University.

- Spectral Database for Organic Compounds

-13C Spectra of Aniline, Acetic Anhydride and Acetanilide

Dehydration Experiment     Spectra

- Web Specta - NMR and IR interpretation problems. This site also contains an overview of NMR and IR spectroscopy, with some correlation tables.

- Introduction to Gas Chromotograpy









Chemistry 387/8L, Fall 2007/Spring 2008

with Drs. Amenta and Gilje


The First Class Meeting is on Thursday, August 30 in PH/CH 2212.



Date Posted Announcement


Aug 28 The First Class Meeting is on Thursday, Aug 30 in PH/CH 2212
Aug 28 Assignments for the first week


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