Text Box: Sharing the love of Chemistry.

JMU SAACS does community outreach below are some of the things we can do.


If you come to JMU: We can run a “lab day” which involves us doing experiments with the kids and we add in some fun chemistry/science demonstrations. We can also teach older students some demonstrations.

If we come to you: We put on a type of magic show or longer demonstration on a stage or in a gymnasium.

We can also do an experiment or two in the classroom.

We can also talk with students about perusing an education in sciences, how it works and career paths ect.


We are open to any ideas and would love to work with you in order to make the best experience for your group.


Making Silly Putty at Children’s First Day

If you are interested please contact


Jon Willcox, Vice President of Service



Brooke Stevens, President