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January 2011 Alex Burant ('11) will be presenting his research on microfluidic membrane fabrication at the American Physical Society March Meeting in Dallas, Texas.
January 2011 Nano Teacher Working Group Meetings Resume. Dates are Tuesday, February 8 and Tuesday, March 15, 2011. We will be preparing for NanoDays.
January 2011 Make plans for NanoDays 2011 in Harrisonburg. March 27th at the Harrisonburg Children's Museum
January 2011 Skylar White ('13) abstract accepted to NCUR 2011 in Ithaca College in April 2011. "Real-Time Crystallization Kinetic Analysis of 30 wt% POSS-MA Thin Films Using Atomic Force Micrsocopy"
December 2010 Veve Zungu (UKZN Pietermaritzburg) was accepted into the UKZN Honours BSc program.
March 2010 STEM Sell Episode #13. WXJM Radio interview on "STEM Sell" program with hosts Drs. Brian Utter and Mark Mattson (JMU Physics), talking about microfluidics and South Africa
September 2009 "A Real Eye Opener: Chemistry Professor Recounts Six-Month Teaching Trip In South Africa" (Madison Scholar Article)
August 2009 "Professor Teaches Abroad Despite Language, Education Barriers" (The Breeze)
June 2009 "Science of the Small Course Introduces South African Chemical Technology Students to the Nanoworld" (NCLT Press Release)
July 2008 "A Grand Expedition for Science of the Small: Augustine Lands Fulbright to Teach Nanotechnology in South Africa" (Madison Scholar Article)