American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund (ACS-PRF) type G award (9/2005-present), Amphiphilic Catenanes, $35,000. PRF # 43543-GB4.

JMU's NIH-suppported Bridges to the Baccalaureate program. This NIH-funded program is designed to increase the number of under-represented students in the sciences who transfer from two-year community colleges to JMU and to provide a support structure for minority students.
Research Corporation Single-Invesitgator Cottrell College Science Award (6/2004 -present), Facile Synthesis and Derivitization of Two Novel Rigid Trimeric Scaffolds, $35,000 (plus $5,000 JMU matching funds). RC Grant CC5948.

Research Corporation Muti-Investigator Cottrell College Science Award (1/2010-12/2011), Polycephalic (Multi-Headed) Cationic Amphiphiles as Novel Surfactants and Antimicrobial Agents, $100,000 (plus $25,000 JMU matching funds). [PIs - Kevin Caran (JMU Chemistry), Kevin Minbiole (JMU Chemistry), Kyle Seifert (JMU Biology)]

National Science Foundation Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education (NSF-NUE) award (1/2006-12/2009), “An Evolutionary Approach to Nanoscience Education across the Undergraduate Chemistry Curriculum”, $190,000 (PI – Brian Augustine; co-PIs – Kevin Caran and Barbara Reisner).

The National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF-REU) program at James Madison University. NSF Grant CHE-0335807.

The JMU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

The JMU Center for Materials Science.

The JMU College of Science and Mathematics.

Thanks to these organizations for their generous support!


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