Archived Pictures 2003-2004

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Entrance to our research lab in Miller Hall (shared with Dr. Minbiole's group).

Christian, Dr. Caran and David, hard at work in the lab.

David calculating molar ratios for his next synthetic endeavor.

Christian in the hood.

Our new rotovap.

Our solvent purification system (Innovative Technologies). Acquired April 2004.

This Bruker Avance DRX-400 NMR, equipped with a six position autosampler, a variable temperature 5 mm broadband autotune probe with a Z gradient, and an SGI O2 host computer is one of three instruments in our NMR facility

This is what happens to you when you forget to wear closed-toed shoes in an organic chemistry research lab!

The group at the inaugural group BBQ (May 2004) at Dr. Caran's house. Note Rugby (the pug) in the background. 

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