Dr. Mac's Lab

Department of Chemistry, James Madison University, Harrisonburg VA 22807
Phone: 540-568-6852 email: macdongx@jmu.edu

Research Summary

Fourier transform infrared (FTIR)  spectroscopy is used to investigate the relationship between protein structure and function in Escherichia coli protein, RecA and in yeast Phosphoglycerate Kinase (PGK). Both of these proteins activities are  influenced by salt concentrations, bind ATP and ADP and can interact to form filamentous structures.  Difference FTIR and CD are used to study protein stability and elucidate specific protein structural changes associated with nucleotide binding to various forms of the proteins that are modulated by environmental conditions and the presence of cofactors.  

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The Mac Lab definitely has FUN


High school teachers, JMU, RIT & Gallaudet undergraduate students were an integral part of ongoing research efforts and course development.

During the summer a high school teachers, students  and undergraduate students are involved in the research described above.  Since 1998, Deaf teachers, pre-college and college students have participated in ongoing research efforts.  This program has expanded and is currently included in our REU program.  In addition to our professional interpreter, we also have participating interpreting students in the laboratory who are directed by Dr. Brenda Seal from JMU's Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.   



Dr. Mac, RecA researchers (Deidra and Amber)         Dr. Seal (middle)& interpreting students
& interpreter (Christine Colbert-left))                            (Alexis and Christine) 


  Dr. MacDonald and her research group would like to thank the National Science Foundation and The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation for their generous support of the group's research and teaching efforts.