SRI - Shenandoah Valley

SRI International is an independent, nonprofit research organization with historical ties to Stanford University, and a record of groundbreaking innovations, including the computer mouse, the codes on the bottom of checks, the technology behind ultrasound, and robotic surgery. SRI counts several locations around the globe, but one of its most recent ones is SRI Shenandoah Valley, based in Harrisonburg, Virginia. At this site, SRI has built the Center for Advanced Drug Research (CADRE), which serves the medicinal field by exploring responses to bio-threats, orphan diseases, and several insect-borne viruses.

Funded by government grants and private foundations (such as the Gates Foundation), CADRE aims to exploit its expertise in proteomics to advance drug discovery and to improve the productivity of the pharmaceutical industry. SRI has established collaborations with researchers at James Madison in emerging fields of medicinal research.

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