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Funding Sources, Current:
National Science Foundation, EArly-Concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER) program, $170,000.   "Amphibian Defense: Mutualistic Microbes and their Antifungal Metabolites," 9/2010-8/2012. Grant DEB-1049699. Co-PI with Dr. Reid Harris.
National Science Foundation, Major Research Instrumentation (MRI), $299,810.  "MRI-R2: Acquisition of an LCMS System to Enhance Undergraduate Research that Interfaces Chemistry and Biology," 1/2010-12/2012.  Grant CHE-0958973.  Co-PI's: Daniel M. Downey, Debra L. Mohler, Gina M. MacDonald, Reid N. Harris.

Research Corporation, Multi-Investigator Cottrell College Science Award , $100,000 + $25,000 JMU match.  Co-PI with Dr. Kevin Caran and Dr. Kyle Seifert.  "Polycephalic (Multi-Headed) Cationic Amphiphiles as Novel Surfactants and Antimicrobial Agents," 1/2010-12/2011.  Grant: MICCSA 10709.

Thomas F. Jeffress and Kate Miller Jeffress Memorial Trust, Jeffress Research Grant, $45,000 (including renewals).  "Amphibian Protection: The Antifungal Effects of Beneficial Bacteria on Salamander Skin," 1/2008 - 12/2010.  Grant J-876.

National Science Foundation, Research in Undergraduate Institutions (RUI), $184,475.  "RUI: A Cyclopropane Fragmentation Approach to Heterocycle Synthesis," 2/2006-1/2011.  Grant CHE-0543137.

DuPont Crop Protection.  University Compound Acquisition Program.  $8,300.

Funding Sources, Previous:
Research Corporation Department Development Grant, $3,800 to Georgia Stoyanov for Summer 2009.  Grant 7957.

International Society of Chemical Ecology Travel Grant, $550, to Christian Schwantes, for travel to the 25th ISCE Annual Meeting, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, August 2009.

Research Corporation, Cottrell College Science Award Renewal, $15,071.  "Small Ring Fragmentation Strategies for the Synthesis of Chiral Heterocycles," 6/2006-5/2008.  Grant CC6628.

Research Corporation, Cottrell College Science Award, $35,000 (plus JMU matching fund of $7,850).  "A Cyclopropane Fragmentation Approach to Heterocycle Assembly," 6/2004-5/2006.  Grant CC5970.

National Science Foundation, Summer Research Experience For Undergraduates, to JMU.  Faculty support for Summer 2004 and 2006.  Grant NSF CHE-0335807.

Pfizer Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, $5,000 (including a laboratory supply allowance) to Erik Stang for Summer 2005.

GlaxoSmithKline Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Award, $5,000 (including a laboratory supply allowance) to Kerry O'Neil for Summer 2004.


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