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Summer 2010:  Three yellow Minbioles, Isaac, Patrick , Jacob, Georgia, Robby, Kelly (click for larger image)
Another image with the NMR.

Lab coats 2010!  Dr. M, Christian, Patrick, Thais, Robby, Isaac, Jacob, Georgia

Summer 2009:  Christian, Dr. M, Kelly, Georgia, Patrick (click for larger image)

Football 2009: Kelly, Dr. M., Georgia, Christian, Katie (from the Davies Lab)

Summer 2008: Rob, Pash, Christian, Devon, Brandon, Dr. M, Luke, Jon, Marita, and Elisabeth

Summer 2007: Christian, Rob, Steve, David, Marita, Kevin, Alison

Rob, Marita, Steve, Dr. M, and Luke, 2006 Group Croquet Match

Andrew, Seth, Steve, and Erik at the DC ACS Meeting, 2005

Rainy Football, Summer 2005

Other Pictures in The Photo Archive


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