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Polycephalic (multi-headed) Amphiphiles as Novel Membrane Disruptors
 A part of the JMU Medicinal Research Collaborative
A project funded by Research Corporation - MI-CCSA Program

Our project works to develop novel antibiotics, based on a unique bicephalic (double-headed) surfactant structural platform.  We are working to develop a new model of bacterial growth inhibition, ultimately correlating structural detail to biological mode of action.  This collaboration spans multiple fields of research, as pictured below.



The Tricephalic Research Leaders:

Dr. Kevin Caran

Dr. Kevin Minbiole

Dr. Kyle Seifert

Student Collaborators

Robby Davis
Biology major, Class of 2011

Jade Irby
Biology major, class of 2011

Kaitlin Simmons
Chemistry major, class of 2011

David Warnock
Chemistry major, class of 2011


Overview of the Division of Labor


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