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Handy Chemistry Links


MSDS Listings
Chemical Inventory (JMU only)
Safe Technique Video for Pyrophoric Chemicals

Organic Tools

Name Reactions from University of Liverpool
Name Reactions from Merck Index
Name Reactions from Organic-Chemistry.Org
Organic Chemistry Tools and Data (Reusch)

General Resources

Undergraduate Database (CIRRUS)
Periodic Table Site: Chemical Elements
Periodic Table Site: Web Elements
Not Voodoo: Demystifying Synthetic Organic Laboratory Technique
The Top 200 Drugs (and Structures!)


AIST (Japan)
NMR (Reush)

JMU in the News

An article in AACU
An article in Chemical and Engineering News
Another article in C + EN (8.30.2004)


Synthetic Chemists in the US
Directory of Graduate Research
Jerry Meinwold's Site
Top Chemists: The Hirsh Index

The Same Handy Chemistry Links (unorganized, though explained)
Searchable database for Material Safety Data Sheets.
An undergraduate chemistry research database from Pacific Lutheran University. and
Two interesting periodic table sites. All you ever wanted to know about the elements, and more.
A comprehensive set of organic chemistry tools, from lab techniques to structure analysis.
Two compendia of name reactions; each has great references but no mechanisms.
A Japanese government website with an excellent spectral database.
Data tables for solvents, NMR, isotopes, and other topics from Michigan State University.
Very thorough lists of pKa’s in DMSO.
Free Download of a chemical visualization tool.
The homepage of Jerry Meinwold at Cornell University. He is a world leader in natural products chemistry (and chemical ecology)
An article about JMU summer research programs that mentions our group's research.
An article in Chemical and Engineering News (May 3, 2004) that features JMU.
Another article in Chemical and Engineering News (August 30, 2004) about JMU's REU program..
Where are the synthetic organic chemists in the USA?  Here's a pretty comprehensive list!
A searchable database of the ACS Directory of Graduate Research
The Hirsh index -- a measure of scientific importance measuring publications and citations

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