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Barbara A. Reisner  

Dr. Barbara A. Reisner
Inorganic and Materials Chemistry
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
office:  Physics/Chemistry 3182
voice:  540-568-3460
lab:  540-568-6732
fax:  540-568-7938

Research Interests: I am interested in the development of new solution routes to inorganic materials. Typically, inorganic materials are made using hydrothermal techniques for open-framework materials or ceramic techniques for condensed phase materials. Solvent effects play a key role in the stabilization of new phases, and solute-solvent interactions can be used to provide the driving force for material formation. By changing the nature of the solvent, it is possible to change the interactions in solution and stabilize new phases. My research focuses on the development of unconventional solvents such as ionic liquids & molten salts as solvents for the synthesis of open-framework transition metal phosphates and condensed transition metal oxide phases

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