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Advising Links and General Info

JMU Career and Academic Planning (Wilson 301, 568-6555)
Need help choosing a major or career?  Visit the CAP resources online or Wilson Hall 3rd floor
What is my gpa if...?  See the gpa calculator
Need Academic Help?  Find out about the Academic Support Services available
How do I find a job or internship in my field?  See CAP resources at

JMU Learning Resource Centers
Science and Math Learning Center in Roop Hall Room 200 (walk-in , no appointment necessary)
Writing Resource Center on 4th floor Wilson (appointments scheduled online)
Communication Resource Center  on 4th floor Wilson (appointments scheduled online)
Supplemental Instruction supports historically challenging courses across the university
Disability Services creates an accessible community with equal opportunities for all
How to succeed at JMU

JMU Community Resources
Bus schedules, including the InterCampus Shuttles (ICS I & ICS II)
Campus Safety Escorts              Safe Rides
Office of Sexual Assault Prevention

General Education:  The Human Community (Hillcrest House)
 What classes are in Gened?  See the GenEd checklists
What about this Tech Level I test and the ISST?  See Info Literacy
Thinking of taking a Gened course somewhere else over the summer?  See the transfer credit guidelines, course equivalents and permission to transfer form .
How do I get my AP, IB, DE information to JMU?  instructions here

Pre-professional Health Programs  Pre-dentistry, Pre-forensics, Pre-medicine, Pre-pharmacy, Pre-PA, Pre-veterinary , etc.
Pre-professional Health Programs Calendar:

Registration Services (Warren Hall 3rd floor)
Dates & Deadlines, last day to add, drop, withdraw, final exam schedule, transcript request, etc.

Study Abroad Opportunities
JMU's Office of International Programs (semester-long, summer semester, short-term, exchange, honors, internships, etc.)
Science & PreHealth in London through New York University:

General Registration Info
Considering CHEM 136L instead of CHEM 132L?

Use the DAILY PLANNER form to work out a schedule for your classes, both before and during your registration time.
Can I get there on time? 
You may want to refresh your memory on how registration works with this ecampus tutorial
Course suggestions for spring semester of freshman year
Suggested schedule for Chem major (all 4 years)
College of Business registration procedures (peer advising, overrides, etc) 

Warnaar's advising appointment schedule

Having difficulty adding Chem even though it is open?  Remember that Chem 132 & lab are co-requisites and must be added at the same time.  In ECampus, select an open section of each before you "Proceed to step 2 of 3".

Having difficulty finding open sections of biology, chemistry or math?
If it is NOT your registration time, wait - more sections will likely open up.
If your registration time has come and gone and there are no open seats in the following classes, here are the procedures:

  • If you are trying to get a calculus class and the only open ones conflict with other required classes, contact the math department secretary, Brenda Wilkinson or 568-6408.  She will need your name, ID#, and which section(s) of which math would work with your other classes.  (Search with the "open only" box unchecked)

  • If you are trying to get a BIO 114 class and all are full, go to the following site, fill out and submit the waitlist form.  You may be placed in a BIO 114 for the coming semester, or you may need to wait until the following semester.  Use ECAMPUS and search with the "open only" box un-checked to determine sections that will work with the other courses in your schedule.

  • If you are trying to register for CHEM 131/131L or CHEM 132/132L and ALL sections are full, contact the chemistry department secretary, Tammy Candido in person (Phys/Chem room 1186) or by phone (568-6246) to get on the waitlist.  Be sure to tell her your name and ID#, and which sections of which course will work.

  • If you have already added the chem majors' CHEM136L and still need to add CHEM 132 lecture, contact the chemistry department secretary, Tammy Candido in person or by phone (see above) and tell her you already have the majors lab but need a lecture course.

Which sophomore year Organic Chemistry should I take?

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