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The JMU Powder Diffraction Lab is home to a PANalytical X’Pert PRO MPD theta-theta Diffractometer. This PXRD system was purchased in 2004 with funds from the NSF and was designed to be a versatile instrument that can be used to solve a variety of scientific problems. The instrument is used by research groups and classes at JMU in Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, and Physics. We also work with external users from other universities and industry.

In it’s standard configuration, data is collected on an X’Celerator detector and samples are mounted on the spinner stage.  We have the ability to run with parallel beam optics using X-ray mirror and parallel plate collimator. In addition to the spinner, samples can be mounted on a standard (clip) mount stage, thin film stage (z, phi, psi), or heating stage (TTK-450 to 300 ºC).

For access to the PXRD facility and training, contact Barbara Reisner at 540-568-3460 or reisneba at jmu dot edu.

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The JMU Powder Diffraction Laboratory was made possible by the generous support of the National Science Foundation.
(NSF DMF-IMR 0315345)

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