Fall 2005



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Friday September 9 +
(Festival RM 2106)
Dr. Michael Falvo
Department of Physics
Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Friday September 16
(HHS RM 1302)

Dr. William Ingham
Department of Physics
James Madison University (VA)

Friday September 23
JMU ACS Student Section
Summer Undergraduate Seminar
Seth Kingree
"Synthesis of the Northern Fragment of 21-Hydro Dehydropothilone"
Cambria Baylor
"Gluthanioylspermindine as a Potential Substrate for Gluthathione Transferase Homologs"
Pamela Dopart
"Syntheis of Silver Nanoparticles by Gas-Phase Condensation"
Christi Colton
"First Reported Molecular Level Identification of MSX (Haplosporidium Nelsoni) Infection in the Eastern Oyster Crassostrea Virginica, Throughout the Gulf of Mexico"
Michael Peretich
"A Comparison of Charged Particle Detectors Using Neutron Depth Profiling"
Amanda Anderson
"A Study of Reproduction and Stress in the Thailand Fishing Cat"
Friday October 7

Dr. Jeanie Stephens
Polymers Division
National Institutes of
Standards and Technology (MD)

Friday October 21
Friday October 28
HOMECOMING Keynote Speaker
Mr. John Powers ('84)
ConocoPhillips (TX)
"Living in a Materials World"
Friday November 4
Dr. Richard E. Bowen
Integrated Weapons Systems
U.S. Navy (DC)

Friday November 11
(Festival Room 2108)

Dr. William Guilford
Department of Biomedical Engineering
University of Virginia (VA)

Friday November 18
(Festival Room 2108)
Dr. Jason J. Chruma
Department of Chemistry
University of Virginia (VA)
Friday December 2
Dr. Felicia Etzkorn
Department of Chemistry
Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VA)
"Protien Mimics in the Cell Cycle"



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