Chemistry Department Seminar Series Spring 2006


Thursday April 20 & Friday April 21, 2006

(Departmental Seminars meet in ISAT Room 159 from 3:30 - 5:00 pm unless otherwise noted)
(NOTE: Seminars denotes with a + are joint seminars between the Departments of Chemistry and Physics)



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Friday January 13
ACS Sponsored
JMU Faculty Research Overview I
Dr. Brian Augustine
Dr. Barbara Reisner
Dr. Jim Leary
Dr. Ben DeGraff
Dr. Katy Layman
Dr. Tom DeVore
Dr. John Gilje
Friday January 20

ACS Student Section Guest Seminar

Dr. John Warner
Center for Green Chemistry
University of Massachusetts-Lowell (MA)

"Green Chemistry at UMass-Lowell"
THURS. January 26 +
(ISAT 136 @ 4 pm)
Dr. Douglas Natelson
Department of Physics
Rice University (TX)
"Single-Molecule Transistors:  New Tools for Physics and Physical Chemistry"
Friday January 27
ACS Sponsored
JMU Faculty Research Overview II
Dr.Kevin Caran
Dr. Kevin Minbiole
Dr. Gina MacDonald
Dr. Debbie Mohler
Dr. Scott Lewis
Dr. Rosa Rivera-Hainaj
Dr. Dan Downey
Friday February 3
Dr. Ronald Halterman
Department of Chemistry
University of Oklahoma (OK)
"Thermal Ratcheting and Microscopic Reversibility in 
Catenanes and Rotaxanes"
Friday February 10
Dr. Charles Chusuei
Department of Chemistry
Univeristy of Missouri-Rolla (MS)
Friday February 17
Dr. Michael Doyle
Department of Chemistry
Univeristy of Maryland-College Park (MD)
Friday February 24

Dr. Richard Keiter
Department of Chemistry
Eastern Illinois University (IL)

Friday March 10
Spring Break
Friday March 17
Dr. Dale Forrester
Senior Scientist
United States Postal Inspection Service (DC)
"Chemistry in Forensics: Typical Applications"

Friday March 31 -
Saturday April 1

Colonial Academic Alliance
Undergraduate Research Conference

(Hosted byJames Madison University)
Thursday April 6 -
Saturday April 9
NCUR 2006 (University of North Carolina at Ashville)

Thursday April 20
(ISAT 259)

Friday April 21
PH/CH 2212
ISAT 159


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