Chemistry Department
31st Annual Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium
Thursday April 20, 2006 (abstracts)
Session I: 1:15 - 5:00 pm (ISAT 259--nTelos Room)
Link to Friday April 21, 2006
Session II: 1:30 - 3:15 pm (PH/CH 2212)
Keynote Address: 3:30 - 4:30 pm (ISAT 159)



Ashleigh R. Borges, Karolina Z. Roszak, Christian D. Ziegler
(Kevin Caran and Kevin Minbiole)
Synthetic Progress Towards a New Molecular Scaffold
Erik M. Stang
(Kevin Minbiole)
Cyclopropane Fragmentation Strategies for the Assembly of Nitrogenous Heterocycles
Kathryn Zimmermann
(Brian Augustine, and Chris Hughes)
Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer Brushes
Nicole A. Brehm
(Barbara Reisner)
Synthesis and Determination of the Coefficient of Negative Thermal Expansion of ZrMo 2O 8
Ellen M. White
(Gina MacDonald)
Monitoring Substrate Binding of Yeast Phosphoglycerate Kinase
Adam Taylor
(Thomas DeVore)
Kinetics Measurements Using NMR
Amanda Holland
(Gina MacDonald)
Infrared Studies of Phosphoglycerate Kinase

Carolyn Segerdell, Taryn Cummens
(Donna Amenta and John Gilje)

The Syntheses of Substituted Molybdenum Carbonyl Complexes as Potential Catalysts

-------- Break --------
Cobbina Benson
(Kevin Caran)
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Amphiphiphic Macromolecules

Jaime Mirowsky
( Barbara Reisner)

Synthesis and Characterization of New Lanthanide Sulfonophosphonates

Adam Baird , Katherine Kross
( Kathryn Layman)

Liquid-Phase Characterization of Supported Ruthenium Catalysts
Andrew Blanchard and
( Kevin Minbiole)
Novel Cyclopropane Mediated Heterocycle Synthesis
Patrick L. Turner
( Brian Augustine )
In-Situ Monitoring of Polymer Biodegradation Using Atomic Force Microscopy

R. Stephen Andrews
( Kevin Minbiole )

Radical Mediated Cyclopropane Fragmentation Approach to Pyrrolidine and Piperidine Synthesis

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