32nd Annual
Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium
Thursday April 19, 2007 (abstracts)

Session I: 1:00 - 5:30 pm (ntelos room (ISAT 259))
Link to Friday April 20, 2007
Session II: 1:30 - 3:15 pm (nTelos Room--ISAT 259)
Keynote Address: 3:30 - 4:30 pm (nTelos Room--ISAT 259)



Karolina Z. Roszak
(Kevin L. Caran)
Biscationic Single Chained Amphiphiles with Chiral and Achiral Counterions
Brent Toland
(Barbara A. Reisner)
Reaction Conditions and the Synthesis of 4-Nitrobenzylphosponate-Zinc Frameworks
Angela Middleton
(Kevin L. Caran)
Amphiphilic Catenane Synthesis
Christopher Kane
(Scott B. Lewis)
The Synthesis of 1-Hexylcyclobutene for Synthetic Studies with Difluorocarbene
Dana M. Edwards
(Daniel M. Downey, and James J. Leary)
The Analysis of Selenium in Over-the-Counter Dietary Supplements -- A Tour de Force
Morgan L. Moyer
(John W. Gilje)
Solution Phase Behavior of Ph2PCH2CH2P(O)Ph2 with Lanthanide(III) and Late Transition Metal Ions Using Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectroscopy
Diana Gottschalk
(Kathryn Layman)
ATR – FTIR Characterization of Supported Ruthenium Catalysts
Matthew Ross
(Thomas C. DeVore)
Identification and the Thermal Decomposition of the Surface Species Formed from the Reaction Between Acetic Acid and Aluminum Oxide

Marita C. Lawler
(Kevin P. C. Minbiole)

Azepine Assembly via Cyclopropanol Fragmentation
-------- Break --------
Philip Janney
(Daniel M. Downey)
Otolith Microchemistry Determination by LA-ICP-MS for Heavy Metal Pollution Assessment
Mike Alvey, Kyle Moler
(Deborah L. Mohler)
Varying the Distance of Redox Active Molecules with Respect to Semiconductor Nanoparticle Surfaces

Allyson Jones
(Kathryn Layman)

Physiochemical Properties of Magnetic Iron Oxide Composites
Jaime Campbell
(Gina MacDonald)
Difference Infrared Studies of Phosphoglycerate Kinase
Reid Gadziala
(Debra L. Mohler)
Dependence of Rates of Interfacial Electron Transfer on Anchoring Group and Dye MCLT State Energy
Meagan Travers
(Daniel M. Downey)
Ion Chromatography as an Alternative to Titration for the Determination of Alkalinity
Jeremy Harris
(Barbara A. Reisner)
Exploration of Ionic Liquid as Solvent and Structure Directing Agent in Aluminophospate Synthesis

Cynthia Din, Sarah McDaniel
(Kathryn Layman)

P-Cresol Oxidation Catalysts

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