About Us

The James Madison University Department of Physics & Astronomy within the College of Science & Mathematics is an undergraduate-only department with twenty faculty members and over one hundred and twenty majors. James Madison University is a state funded comprehensive university that consistently ranks near the top of its classification in many nationally published rankings. Our vision is to strive to be a leading undergraduate physics and astronomy department by building a research-active, student-centered community.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers both major and minor programs in Physics and a minor in Astronomy for students interested in a challenging program in pure and applied sciences. Several tracks exist within the major including materials science, computational physics, electronics, and applied nuclear physics which allow students preparing for a wide range of post-graduate options to pursue the curriculum best suited to their needs. The department also offers a 3/2 program in Engineering in conjunction with the University of Virginia.


New! Madison Accelerator Lab Workshop

In 2006, JMU acquired the Rockingham Memorial Hospital facilities adjacent to campus when construction of a new hospital began. The building is now known as Madison Hall with a substantial portion of the first floor dedicated to nuclear physics research and education dubbed the Madison Accelerator Lab (MAL). The facility houses a 140 keV x-ray machine and a fully operational medical electron linear accelerator (linac) manufactured by Siemens along with state of the art classroom facilities. The linac is a versatile magnetron unit belonging to the category of dual x-ray energy mode accelerators and was clinically used for gamma-ray beam energies of 6 and 15 MeV. MAL is intended to be a user facility, available for research and education usage not just for JMU physics and astronomy students and faculty but for all JMU faculty and students to propose work there. In addition, a workshop funded through 4-VA is taking place June 22 - 23 2017 and is intended to foster collaboration between JMU and other universities in Virginia in order to give students across the state opportunities to explore nuclear physics and its applications. For details see the workshop poster below or visit our website.



JMU physics is a growing, thriving department. Please check back this fall for possible new employment opportunities.

Giving to JMU Physics & Astronomy

The Department of Physics & Astronomy relies on donations from our friends to carry out several important functions within the department and to support our strong scholarship program for our students. There are several ways to put your dollars to work within the department which greatly benefit our students. Any donation, no matter how small or large, is greatly appreciated. For more information on how to support the Physics & Astronomy department click here.