Resource Page for Physics 140 Labs 

This page will contain information and links to resources for the phys140 labs which may be helpful as supplements to the P140L Lab Manual. 

The labs have undergone a major reorganization starting in the fall or 2009.  In addition to the traditional in-lab requirement, there are some at-home or on-line activities.  

Further discussions of laboratory practices: The material contained in these links has been developed for the physics 140 labs by JMU physics faculty and staff.  There are many other useful sources of this information and the student is encouraged to find the most useful guides and information for recording, analyzing, displaying and understanding experiments.


Please browse these resources. You might find some discussions to be very useful and others you may find to be less useful.  The goal is to place various clarifications here. Two documents may cover the same material but at a different level or perhaps from a different point of view.




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