Chris Church

mLan 2004


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Papers/Presentations: The MuLan Detector Calibration System.doc

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April 2005


The National Conference of Undergraduate Research was in Lexington VA on April 21-23, 2005.Rebekah and I both presented our work at this conference.

I have recently been working with Root and the data acquired from the LED system in December.I have been examining the data for consistency across each detector.


September/ October 2004


After returning from Switzerland at the end of July we took some time off before classes began at the end of August.The installation of the LED system on the mulan detector at the Paul Scherrer Instut in Villigen Switzerland was quite successful.We were able to successfully drive the LEDís imbedded inside the detector and observe the subsequent PMT signal on an oscilloscope.When we left on July 28, 2004, we left 6 completely working driver boxes.Thanks to Eric Bartel we have a very convenient web interface to access and control the flight simulators that are presently providing the ECL signal that the LED system converts to TTL to drive the LED boards.Our current goals are to remotely access the detector and Flight Simulator control and acquire and analyze some simulation data generated by the LED system.Dr. G has been able to successfully login to the mulan backend using a windows machine and I have been able to login with a Unix base system.Hopefully we will be able to start taking some data in the next few weeks.