The 2004 Mulan Collaboration Meeting


††††††††††† Although I have been working with Dr. Giovanetti on the Mulan project since the beginning last summer this was the first collaboration meeting I have attended.I felt that it was a very beneficial experience overall.While I did have the opportunity to visit the Illinois lab twice last summer and meet some of the other collaboration members this meeting was an opportunity to meet all the people involved and hear about every aspect of the experiment.Everything from an overview of the entire experiment to the some of the technical hurdles that have to be overcome was discussed.While there was a fair amount of things talked about that I did not understand, I feel that the meeting did shed some light on certain aspects of the experiment that I hadnít fully understood before.It also brought to my attention some aspects that I had not considered.It was especially great to see how the calibration system that we have been designing at JMU fits into the project.Itís really quite cool to know that I have played a role in developing the system and that we are the experts on it.Over all I think that it was a very worth while experience that made me feel more like a part of the collaboration as opposed to just an undergraduate working on a summer project.