Man, I suppose I should put something up here, eh?


Lesseee. First off, soldering SMTs is not fun. While they arent as vulnerable to heat as they tell you, they are fragile. Well have that new hi-tech ironless soldering station soon, and it should be fun to play around with that. Im not entirely sure how it works. But there are all these parts and devices and contraptions, not to mention a turbine and seriously, can anything with a turbine not be fun?


Weve sent out the first plans for the ECL pulser boards. Everything should be in order and weve checked, rechecked, and checked again. I completely prototyped the circuit and it worked aiight. Anyone want to make a wager on what goes wrong first?


Further note: prototyping with SMTs is a very serious pain. If these people build DIP versions of everything, our lives would be much easier. And while I know that some of these big ICs would have to be half a foot long, the 939 pin processors as case in point, but for an eight or sixteen pin comparator? The two are about the same size. SOIC is hard to work with and SSOP is torture. Ive been soldering under the microscope. We had to acquire a bunch of SMT to DIP adapters from epboard designs. Those guys set us up right. Pretinned pads, nice to work with, and cheap. Some companies make adapters in the region of eighty to a hundred dollars, per. Epboard has pretty much whatever we wanted between five and ten.


And MAXIM-ic, revamp your website purchasing. Do what every other e-business does and add a shopping cart. Come on, guys. This is not new technology.