Student Websites 2004:

The following students are working on projects in the James Madison University detector development lab. Each student is maintaining a record of their work and also relevant summaries of important ideas.

Eric ~ Chris ~ Mike ~ Rebekah

For an overview of our project, click here.



Here is a look at some of the things we are doing, click here to see pictures.



June 11th.

Work has been steadily progressing for everyone.  We now have 3 completed sets of driver boards that are all working. 


May 13th:

We had another meeting this afternoon and made arrangements for the collaboration meeting. Eric gave a presentation on FPGA, Rebekah gave one on the big oscilloscope, and Chris on the mechanical layout of the boxes.


May 11th:

We had our first (brief) meeting of the summer yesterday (May 10th) and we discussed who was working on what. Chris is working on the mechanical design of the boxes and we’re planning on having one nearly completed by the end of the week. Dr. G is working the on the ECL/TTL. Rebekah (me!) is working on updating the web and getting it in working order for the summer. Eric is working on the FPGA and C++/Linux/Root/etc. We will have another meeting tomorrow at 2pm. All of our individual websites can be found at the top of the page.



Student Websites 2002:

Andrew ~ Charlie ~ Chris ~ Eric ~ Mike ~ Rick ~Matt




July 10th:

It's been a while since we've had a main page update so here's a brief overview of what everyone is doing. Chris has taken over Rick's work with AutoCad and is designing the layout for the boxes having completed his studies of pulse widths. Eric and Mike are polishing fibers with the newly enlisted help of Simon. Charlie is at UNC for graduate studies in physics after working on the ttl/ecl problem. Andrew is leaving to search desperately for a job after getting the FPGA up and running.


Also, our fellow undergraduate particle physicists Jamie and Nathan have webpages of their own now. Their trip to Jlab can be seen here in a slideshow.


May 22nd:

Everyone on the team has been informed about their websites and how to update them so hopefully we’ll start to have a lot of posts up soon. For team members the way to get to your webpage once you’ve signed on a computer in room 110 is to go into Network Neighborhood, Entire Network, Csmdomain, Csm1, PhysWeb, Giovanetti, GiovanettiResearchGroupWeb, and then into the folder with your name. If anyone has a question about updating their website feel free to ask me.


May 19th:

Summer work has started up again. We have a few new members to the research team, Chris, Eric and Mike. Rick won’t be around this summer but he wanted to make sure that this was available for anyone trying to look at what he did in the past few months.


March 18th:

We pretty much know what we want to do now so we should start ordering parts soon. Dr. Giovanetti has made several spreadsheets listing the quantities and the ordering information for the parts we need. The three students are going over those and making sure there’s nothing else we can think of. Excerpts from the spreadsheets can be found here. Rick and Andrew are working on making the caps for the led-fiber optic hook up and Charlie is doing more testing on the pulser at varying voltages without having the probes connected; just looking at the pmt signal.


This is a list of jobs for pulser design and implementation that is updated by students involved in the project. The original to-do list can be seen here. It was made at the beginning of the spring semester of 2003. On this page we will be constantly updating our progress on those goals and stating where we stand.