JMU CLAS membership database


CLAS membership database is a MYSQL database that currently resides at JMU and serves primarily to generate author lists for CLAS publications.



New Approach


For several reasons we have upgraded the database and provide the following:


  1. Web form to allow individual users to update their personal information (email, phone…).
  2. A yearly required update through the above form that would help maintain the correctness of the database.
  3. Transport of the database to JLAB (CLAS database server managed by Mark Ito).
    1. Maintain administrative management from offsite.
    2. Upgrade tools to accommodate remote management.
  4. (Suggestion not implemented) Merge of the CLAS membership database with the SHIFT database.
    1. Common list of people
    2. Common list of institutions
    3. Common list of institutional representatives
    4. Merge and add status fields to provide combined shift and membership status for members and institutes.
    5. Separate tables specific to either membership or shift scheduling.
    6. Some of the information must be kept in a HISTORY table with entries recorded with the relevant time period.
    7. Joint administrative access.




The people involved in this process should be:




Membership Database Structure