An ODBC driver was installed on pauli.physics,

  1. Download the zip file from
  2. Unpack
  3. Boot in safe-mode (disables all ODBC drivers that make installation impossible) Hold cntl down during boot.
  4. click setup-
    1. shows drivers (only MYSQL listed-be sure to click on i or else you don't install it) -
    2. define USER DSN (set up mysql, membership )- choose the mysql driver -fill out form
      1. giovankl
      2. windows DSN name giovankl
      4. test
      5. giovankl
      6. passsword
      7. no other settings checked
  5. reboot in regular mode
  6. run access
  7. open a new database
  8. new table
    1. choose linking
    2. choose machine data source
    3. choose giovnankl (see 5 above)

NOTE: The program admindemo lets you set up othe DSN's


The table lists tables available I click on gold and can see the data.