The applet has now been moved to the lab computer, which holds the database. Retrieving data from the applet source computer requires no special privileges. This applet should run from any computer that supports JAVA 1.2 .

The database connection does use the default port 3306. This might present firewall problems.


***********OLD SECURITY COMMENT -refers to previous installation of the applet ****

The standard or default security, for an applet executing in a browser (using the Java Run Time environment JRE ), permits the program to communicate with the computer that served as the applet's source. To permit the applet to connect to other URL's you need to change the security. On Microsoft PC's the JRE is typically located in the directory

c:program files\javasoft\jre\.

In the directory

c:program files\javasoft\jre\1.3\lib\security

there is a file


This file controls the security for applets running in the browser. For example the file contains the statement

grant codeBase "file:${java.home}/lib/ext/*" {permission;};

for programs that are from the local machine.

There is a section for other programs

// default permissions granted to all domains

grant {

permission ..xxxxx;

permission ..xxxxx;



I included the last line and this permits the applet to run and query the database. Basically I took the easy way out and dropped all security to get the applet to work. I need to find out what the minimal permission syntax is to enable the applet to work.