To Change from Probationary Use history to add a new row starting at the transition date. (I assume that this is the same as the old term status. I have updated the author algorithm so it includes term and probation and full when there is a data recording period overlap) (Some of the entries were just turned to term in the current entry but it would be better to show when the transistion occured.)

To enter a new person (Note: need to correct problem of nulls in empty areas.)

  1. Use access to modify people table with new info.
  2. Use history to make an entry into the history table.
  3. Use setAdminInst to add a column to the correct institute table. For several entries you can run CLAS_query. This will locate all the people with a current institute that doesn't match the admin inst. Enable the MovePersonsAffi routine and rerun. This will change all the new entries. (Also change others but so far database doesn’t have any members in that category). This association with an institute is referred to as the administrative institute. The membership committee person from this institute will manage the information. This is not an official affiliation it is not considered when making author lists. The history table contains a list of affiliations for that purpose.
    1. (eg. Kevin Giovanetti has an entry in the JMU table that contains phone, fax, email ... and also has his primary affiliation as JMU in the history table but these do not need to be the same.)
  4. Use access or dBtables to enter the new values into the admin institute table.
  5. Use query to generate a new Database.txt file and update web page with Cltool. Put the DataBase.txt file in pwg/. cd to web/webdir/.
  6. Use subscribe to put their email address into the clasmbr list. Send an email message to with messages as shown below:
  • approve clas_members.admin subscribe clas_members

    approve clas_members.admin subscribe clas_members

  • To generate a new member list for the web

    1. Run CLASquery and copy the list generated …readb/outputcurrentlist.txt to web/webdir/memb/currentlist.txt.
    2. Copy DataBase.txt to clasmbr/pwg/DataBase.txt. CD to web/webdir/. Run Cltool. (Lists all people in the database, 269.)


    To change institutions for a current member

    1. Use history to change affiliation. Must have a new entry in history table.
    2. Use setAdminInst to copy the old info to new institute table. (Not critical to change the administrative institute. Old manager can update email…)
    3. Use access or dBtables to enter the new values into the admin institute table.
    4. Use query to generate a new Database.txt file and update web page with Cltool.


    To add limited member

    1. Use access to enter persons name into people table.
    2. Use history gui to assign status as limited (time window is not important but use current date as start, some people may have both limited and term for the same time period.)
    3. Use access to enter institute into the institues table.
    4. NOT REQUIRED. Use to add the XXX inst table (I dont bother to fill it)
    5. Use access to update experiments table with experiemts.
    6. Use setLimited gui to connect limited members with experiments.
    7. setLimited does not check if the data is already in the table so you can duplicate results. Access can be used to eliminate duplicate entries until I improve the program.


    To change other information for a current member

    This should be handled by the manager but access or dBtables can be used to change emails etc. Important info in the people table should be changed using access. After complete change the web site using query and Cltool.


    To add a new institute

    Note: Inst Adress[0] alphabetizes, Inst Name name (Not used in author list), Inst Address [1-x] address

    1. Add the info to institute table using access.
    2. Create a new mysql table use CreateInstitutionTable and alter the main procedure and recompile and run.
    3. Must update the mysql admin tables so that a new user with access to the new table is added.


    To change other information for an Institute

    Use access or dBtables can be used to change emails etc.

    To Change the representative for an administartive institution

    1. Use setInstRep.


    To remove a person

    1. Use history to change status.
    2. Remove from email list using unsubscribe. People changing status that have an interest in the pubs should remain on this list.
    3. Update web using CLTool.