This is the original page that lists the progress in smaller steps and therfore has lots more detail on the development.

 Database Introduction (Note programs and scripts on this page are illustrations and are not regularly updated.)

The membership committee over the next year will implement a database for managing CLAS membership data. This page will describe some of the issues dealing with this problem.


We have the following general tasks:

(NOTE: My JAVA programs sometimes use a set of output tools that create frames for output. The package is called info_write and and provides methods putinfo(" ") and localinfo(" "). )


All the information in database.txt should now be in the database.

Located some Problems:

Obrien's id 153 was replaced by Norum's id 152 in some places. (I fixed manually). Edingurgh was missing from instititues. Appostrophes screw up the database SQL.(I fixed this manually added Edinburg to institutes and Branford to the Edinburgh table)

Appostrophes in DataBase.txt:

Remove all apostrophes from database.txt (manually correct member names O'xxx)

NOTE: The database dump seems to drop apostrophes from the names.


added inst reps with FillTables latest version. Full and Term Members mathc with the the Tex file 7/12/2000

Make a database dump file.

Add the pub name to the people table. Once a persons name is set I don't want it to change accidentally. Also if an institute drops someone we may need a name for a past pub. Only the perishable info is kept in the institute table.


MUST MOVE INDV INFO TO INST WHEN CHANGE HISTORY: We need to be careful. The history table contains the history of the people, institute, status relationship. The individual institutes contain a list of members. When the history table is changed then the individual institute info must simultaneously be updated otherwise a person's info is stored with the wrong institute. You could have a new field in the institute tables for active or inactive. I will not add this complexity at this point.

dump of database 7/15 with new pubname.

Finished the general queries to support database viewing:

GetPersonHistory (Connection con, int id1, String startT, String endT) =gets all the entries in the history table for person with id=id1and which start before the end of the time window endT and end after the start startT. After the entries have been retrieved you can use the following to get the information.

GetInstwithHistory(Connection con)= gets the institute name and acronym

GetStatwithHistory(Connection con) = gets the class status for each entry of the person

GetPersonfromInstwithHistory(Connection con)= gets the institute info (phone…)

GetPersonwithHistory(Connection con)= gets first, middle and last name


Reminder: fix De names at end of upload (Now . for middle name and no space in last name).



By July 18, 2000 the database had been built and the java viewer has been tested at JMU. However the history fields still need to be properly updated.


Running the applet.