Following prototype has been developed by JMU.


  1. Standard 2” PVC used a primary support with mating pieces at each end.


  1. Standard PVC end cap for the backend used. The cap (2” standard end cap) is fit into tube end using mating pieces (2” to 2” mating part)

                                                               i.      Lemo signal feed thru

                                                             ii.      SHV voltage feed through



Figure 1.  This shows the rear end cap with the lemo and SHV connections, the Mu-metal insert, the foam insets the will hold the PMT, and the front end cap.



  1. Standard 2” to 1.5” mating piece used as front end cap.
    1. 1.5” acrylic rod is pressure fitted into the frond end cap; it is machined to have a 1/8” x 1” indentation to align the PMT in time of use. 



Figure 2.  This shows the acrylic rod that is inserted into PVC mating piece to make the front end cap. Note that an indentation provides an alignment guide for the PMT.


    1. A hole is drilled through the center to support metal tubing and optic fiber ( the metal tube’s exact outer and inner diameter will be determined once the optic fiber diameter is determined)


Figure 3.  This shows the front end cap and the acrylic insert which is machined and drilled.  Also shown is the metal tubing which protrudes from the front of the acrylic.



  1. Mu-metal will be inserted into the 2” housing; into this we will insert the PMT which will be supported by two soft foam inserts.  The clear acrylic front allows you to visually align the PMT and optic cable correctly. 


Figure 4.  This shows the foam inserts holding 1” PVC acting as a PMT; the foam inserts slide into the Mu-metal, which is inserted into the 2” PVC.  The frond end cap is shown lower right.