James Madison University Undergraduate Nuclear and Particle Physics Team is contributing to an effort to measure the lifetime of the positive muon to one part per million. An overview of the project can be found on the MULAN home page. Our team consists of three faulty members (Dr. K. Giovanetti, Dr. G. Niculescu, Dr. I. Niculescu) and several undergraduates. This page will address mostly issues specific to the JMU effort.

Dr. Giovanetti's research is supported by the National Science Foundation.

·    MULAN pulser    (Calibration using LEDs). Work to develop an LED system has been underway since March 2002. The system is based on the KAMLAND pulser.

o  Bikes at PSI

·    MULAN Photo Archive: Faculty and Students at work.

·      Student Research (link to student impressions, experiences, advice, ideas…)


Letter of Support   Letter of support from JMU to the MULAN collaboration.