The talk given at the MULAN collaboration.

Power Point Summary of Pulser Tests



Early initial results shown below.



Various LEDs were pulsed using a Tektronix pulser. A short clip lead was sometimes placed on a teed output at the Tektronix pulser output. A short BNC cable delivered the pulse to the diode. The diode was mounted inside a dark box and a pmt was used to view the light from the LED.


Voltage pulses that drive the LED as measured by the oscilloscope.



PMT response to various LED and other setups.


















In addition to exploration of the diode pulsed by the Tektronix pulser,  the KAMLAND style pulser board has been investigated. This basically drives the LED by discharging a capacitor through the diode. The circuit opens two switched to fire the diode. A simplified version of the circuit is shown below.