The cabling from drivers to pulser is shown below.  The pins in the driver must take into account the switch created by the male-male lid connectors. There will be  a 25 ft standard 2x5 ribbon (Brown pin 1) from driver to house, a special 1 ft cable with one standard connection for the lid and two special connectors at opposite end for the flasher boards.


First the pin outs for 10 pin female ribbon connectors, male connectors and pc board connector are shown. The view from the front and back of the connector and a side view to clarify front and back is shown. This is followed by the proposed connector changes that will be made by eliminating the metal wire pincers on the back of the connector. Eliminated pins shown as an X. The two types of connector are named red and green.


The proposed wiring scheme follows. To enable the transmission of the Red TTL signal on a twisted pair while conforming to the pin assignments on the flasher board, the wires 1,3 will be crossed. The PC board layout is based on the cabling shown.