LED Pulsers for MULAN

Preliminary Installation completed July 20, 2004

A team from JMU installed the final components.

Basic system (Click in the yellow boxes for pictures):


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1.  KAMLAND based LED boards (circuit).

      Small board that is imbedded close to the pmt. A mounted Led flashes in response to trigger pulses. The brightness is adjustable by changing a voltage (B+) .

      A simplified circuit shows the charging voltage B+ and the switches t1 and t2 which close on a trigger pulse discharging a capacitor through an LED.

      Pulsers are set to produce about 100 photoelectrons. This is a B+ voltage of about 8V. The boards vary a by few volts above and below the nominal value.

      The LEDs produce a signal on a PMT that is comparable to a particle.

      MAX rate ~ 100 kHz


      100 KΩ x 22 pF= 2.2μs

      1/τ = 455 kHz





2.  Driver boxes

3.  Flight Simulator

4.  Fiber optic link and mounting of LED boards

5.  Computer control of FS (MIDAS and DAQ)

6.  Connections & Wiring





Users Manual: Operation and Repair Guidelines


Previous Commentary on the development and production.