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Contact Info:

Department of Physics and Astronomy
James Madison University
PHCH 2182; MSC 4502
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Tel: +1 540-568-5630
Fax: +1 540-568-2800

E-Mail: constaax jmu edu

Bio at a glance:

I am an observational astrophysicist, with interests in galaxies with whose centers harbor actively feeding supermassive black holes (a.k.a., Active Galactic Nuclei, or AGN), and their telltales about how galaxies form and evolve. I received my BSc in Physics at The University of Bucharest where I studied molecular and atomic physics and Astrophysics. I completed my PhD at Ohio University, where Joe Shields introduced me to quasars, which are the most luminous types of AGN, and usually very distant; i.e., these systems emitted their light more than 90% look-back time in the Universe's life. Here I had the chance to play with data obtained with hte Keck Telescope). I then moved to Drexel University where I extended my knowledge and skills while working with Michael Vogeley on the large scale structure of the Universe. While here, I participated into the auspicious SDSS collaboration . My work took me next to the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, where I continued to explore the galaxy centers through the X-ray "eyes" of Chandra, while working with Paul Green. I am now an associate professor at JMU, where I teach physics and astronomy, and I continue to develop new techniques of investigations of how black holes grow in galaxy centers. I have observed at the Kitt Peak, the MMT Observatories, the Gemini North Observatory, and with the GBT.

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