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* Phys260: University Physics III
* see " University Physics III FALL_201X" on Canvas
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Physics 260 covers rotational kinematics and rotational dynamics; static equilibrium and elasticity; universal gravitation and orbital mechanics; temperature, heat, heat engines, entropy and kinetic theory; Gauss' law, electric potential and capacitance; magnetic fields, induced electric fields and inductance; displacement current and electromagnetic waves; and the special theory of relativity.

- 4 credits.

- Pre-requisite: C or better in PHYS 250 or PHYS 150.

- Co-requisite: MATH 237 and PHYS 247 (or permission of instructor).

Course Objectives & Some Thoughts on the nature of this class:

- This class is aimed at physics majors and introduces them to upper level math applications to systems previously met in the first two semesters of introductory physics.
- The focus in on "slicing and dicing" matter as the students get proficient in calculating moments of inertia as well as magnitudes of gravitational, electric and magnetic fields for systems of mass or charge distributions of complicated geometries.
- Here is also where the physics majors first discover the Maxwell equations and the physics behind them. It is this class where they meet and exercise their calculus skills with various new sets of generalized systems, while identifying and actively applying symmetry arguments.
- The growth as future physicists is the most obvious during this class, especially for the students. While there are few new physical concepts, there are plenty of new analytical ways in which they learn how to quantitatively investigate the physical world where the numerical values are left behind and the calculus of variations takes the driver seat. As a consequence, even conceptually, the phenomenology revisited in this class appears in new dimensions and the associated knowledge becomes deeper.
- The weekly homework sets, the quizzes, and the exams are challenging. There is basically no room for slacking...

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