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ASTR 120: The Solar System -- Fall 2009+
ASTR 121: Stars, Galaxies & Cosmology -- Spring 2010+ (no Spring 2013; internal sabbatical)

Starting with Fall 2014, both ASTR 120 and ASTR 121 classes include a novel project component that encourages creative expression in a scientific context, where students are asked to prove their understanding and ability to communicate recent astronomy-related successes. The assignment starts with reading popular-level articles, upon which they are asked to answer a set of questions that require them to combine their knowledge (from this course) and their own conclusions from the article, while given complete freedom to the medium used to implement the final product.

Some of the paintings are displayed on the walls of our department.

Musical recordings and poetry have been shared via Facebook and poetry reading events ( JMuse Cafe, Dec. 2014 , and The JMU's General Education Student Conference (Oct. 2015) ).

Here are some examples:

* Dance on Mars , by Taylor Bess (JMU junior, Justice Studies, with Vocal Performance by Valerie Westerman, JMU junior), Nov. 2014

* Martian Air , by Louis Gaertner (JMU junior, Political Science), Nov. 2015

* Short movie on Enceladus, by Josh Blount (JMU sophomore, Media Arts & Design), Nov. 2015

* Jeopardy game by Mary Pearson (JMU senior, Music Education), November 2015

* Twitter page1 (Live from Mars!) by Kyle Schroeder (JMU junior, Sports & Management), Nov. 2015

* Twitter page2 (Eintein on Gravitational Waves) by Rachel DiCerbo (JMU senior, Health Sciences), April 2016

* Website about water on Mars by Joseph Gabro (JMU senior, Marketing), Nov. 2015

* A Puzzle on Confirming Einstein's Theory through detection of Gravitational Waves, by Meghan Mills (JMU senior, Economics), April 2016

* Astronomy Rap (2 songs), by Christian Chenault (JMU sophomore, Computer Science) and Nicalina Marciante (JMU junior, Marketing & Political Science), April 2016

* A Comic Strip on Pluto, by Kayla Byrnes (JMU sophomore, Graphic Design - Book Arts), April 2016

* Basic StoryTelling game made with Golang that describes exo-planet exploration, by Pavan Gudimetta (JMU junior, Computer Science), April 2016

* Find That Star, by Richard McGown (JMU junior, Computer Science), April 2016

* Pluto's Wonders, song/video by Nina Varma (JMU junior, Writing Rhetoric & Tech Communication), April 2016

* Alice in Trappist-1 Land , an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (skit/video) by Rebecca Klein & Rachel Kimberlin (JMU juniors, School of Theatre and Dance), April 2017 (see here for the script)

* Expanding Universes , rap song by Dylan Vega (JMU junior, Media Arts and Design/Music Industry), April 2017 ( here are the lyrics)

* A Musk-y Initiative , a hilarious skit about space travel, by Logan Allen Brown & Diego F. Salinas (JMU seniors, School of Theatre and Dance), April 2017 (see here for the script)

ASTR 220: General Astronomy I - The Solar System -- Fall 2010, Fall 2011
ASTR 221: General Astronomy II - Stars, Interstellar Medium, Galaxies & Cosmology -- Spring 2011, Spring 2012, Spring 2016

PHYS 240: University Physics I -- Fall 2011
PHYS 260: University Physics III -- Fall 2012 - 2015

PHYS 380: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics -- Fall 2016 ---

ASTR 480: Astrophysics - Stellar and Galaxy Evolution Processes -- Spring 2015, Spring 2017

GSCI 101: General Science: Physics, Chemistry & Human Experience -- with emphasis on Astronomy; Spring 2014

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