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End of July 2016 10 weeks just went by really quickly! Now, it is time to prepare for the REU symposium presentations. Kenny and Reed are working very hard these days...
End of May 2016 Mr. Reed Hagen just joined our research group. We wish him good data!
End of April 2016 Hans presented his work on Manganese Oxide thin films deposited by DC Sputtering at NCUR 2016.
April 2016 Getting ready for the Summer research! We have money to hire two students!
January 2016 Kenny went to study abroad at THE Oxford University in UK!
December 2015 Hans and Kenny presented at MRS Fall 2015 meeting and they enjoyed the trip very much.
End of July 2015 Emma and Kenny presentations and posters are done. I have received several compliments from my colleagues about Emma's and Kenny's presentations. They did a wonderful job. Check out our group pictures to see them in ACTION!
End of July 2015 Emma and Kenny work very hard on their talks and posters for the local REU symposium!
July 2015 Our paper titled "Thermoelectric Properties of Nano-Meso-Micro B-MnO2 Powders as a Function of Electical Resistance" has been accepted for publication at Nanoscale Research Letter. The paper can be found here!
May 2015 Emma Langford and Kenny Shaughnessy have joined our research group in May 2015 and they will spend 10 weeks in the summer understanding thermal and electrical properties of PEDOT-PSS thin films treated with sulfuric acid.
October 2014 Hans Olson who joined our group this semester,has made great progress in understanding the ball-milling process of Manganese Oxide nanoparticles. He will start writing his findings during Fall 2015.
March 2014 Our research in the news!
March 2014 Read about our APS conference student presentations on our departmental blog.
February 2014 Getting ready for APS March Meeting that will be held in Denver, CO. We will present two talks, and two posters.
January 2014 Our first collaboration paper between Dr. Costel Constantin's group and Dr. Patrick Hopkins' group (from UVa) has been accepted into the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters! In this paper, we measured the thermal conductivity of solid, water insoluble thin films of bovine serum albumin and myoglobin proteins. The measurements preformed in the temperature range 77 - 296 K indicate an anharmonic coupling of vibrations that is contributing to thermal conductivity. Our own undergraduate, Chester Szwejkowski, is also a co-author on this work and he will join (as a graduate student!) Patrick's lab this Fall of 2014. We wish him GOOD LUCK!
October 2013 Nikki Creange and Kevin Hunter joined our computational-experimental research group.
September 2013 Started a new computational-experimental research group together with Dr. Jason T. Haraldsen. Looking forward to doing science together!
June, July, and August 2013 Chet and I enjoyed the fountain of knowledge by working with the group of Dr. Patrick Hopkins from UVa.
May 2013 Great News! Our research project titled "Thermal Transport across GaN interfaces:Linking Structural Imperfections to Thermal Properties" has been funded by the Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund. This project is in collaboration with Dr. Patrick Hopkins from University of Virginia. We will celebrate this!
May 2013 Chet, Morgan and Nick will start research for this summer for 10 weeks. Lots of work and fun to have!
October 2012 Congratulations to Matt and Kristen for having their paper accepted to the Journal of Young Investigators.
September 2012 New students are eager to understand the intriate nature of materials! Welcome to Chester Szwejkowski, Francis Nicholas, Devon Collins, Morgan Hedden, and Steven Szatkowski.
August 2012 Nice presentations! Matt and Renee at the JMU's REU symposium.
October 2011 Matt's, paper has been accepted for publication in Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings Journal.
October 2011 Nice presentations! Matt, and Kristen at SEASAPS.
September 2011 Welcome to Renee Ahern, and Chester Szwejkowski who will join our lab.
August 2011 Matt's,and Kristen's abstracts accepted for Southeastern Section of the APS conference (SEASAPS).
June 2011 Nice work! Matt, Bojan, and Kristen for your presentations at the informal REU seminar.
May 2011 Bojan Ljubovic will join our group for research during REU 2011.
May 2011 Kristen Dagenais will join our group for REU 2011.
May 2011 Matthew Chamberlin has received summer research internship from Research Corporation.
May 2011 REU 2011 starts at the end of May.
April 2011 NanoDays/Making Stuff event that took place at the Explore More Discovery Museum (Harrisonburg, VA) was a great success. We had over 240 kids attending the event.
February 2011 Matt's abstract on Zn and ZnO nanowire growth on PEDOT-PSS conductive polymers has been accepted to the Material Research Society Spring 2011 conference in San Francisco, CA.
October 2010 Matthew Chamberlin and Taylor Mullins joined my lab.
August 2010 Alex presented his work on CrN at the REU 2010 Summer Research Symposium. Good job!
June 2010 Alex Pakpour-tabrizi from Royal Halloway University of London (UK) is excited to start working on the electrical characterization of CrN thin films project as part of the Mateterial's REU 2010 program.
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