The Matter of Matter

INSTRUCTOR: Dr.kevin Giovanetti, Phys Chem 2178 cell: 540-383-8368, E-Mail:

TIME: Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-11:25 PHYSCHEM 2378

TEXTS: Handouts provided, additional resourcePhysical Science by Bill W. Tillery

ABSTRACT: The course is a short introduction to the properties, various forms and interactions of matter. Topics covered will include, the conservation of matter and energy, the electrical force, the periodic table, an introduction to chemical bonds, water and its properties, carbon, and nuclear chemistry.

GRADING: Homework will be assigned on each chapter. We will have several online quizzes specific to the material covered during the week. There will be a final exam on the textual material we have covered.

HONOR SYSTEM: It is ok to discuss the homework with others, but what you turn in should reflect your understanding of the subject not someone else’s. The laboratory projects will be worked on as a team, but each person will hand in a summary of what they did at the next class period. The final exam will be solely the work of the student.

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