JMU Physics Department Seminar Schedule, Fall 2014
Seminars this semester will be in HHS 1301

Past Seminars            


JMU Physics Dept. Seminars this semester will meet either Thursday from 3:30-5:00 OR Friday from 3:30 pm to 5:00.  Guests from the outside community are welcome to attend.  They should procure a parking tag at 540-568-3300, or park in metered spaces in the university lots. If you would like to be added to or removed from the email list, notify Harold Butner by sending an email to

Fall 2014 Seminars


Speaker (Affiliation)




Thursday 08/28

Harold Butner

Welcome Back
Towards the Future
(Junior/Senior Advising)

Friday 09/05

Jennifer Litwiller
Career and Academic
Planning (CAP)

Two Words: Think Ahead!

H. Butner

Thursday 09/11

Yasmeen Shorish
JMU Library

The Joys of Annonated Bibliographies

H. Butner

Thursday 09/18

No Seminar

Friday 09/26

Matthew McCleskey
Univ of MD - School of Medicine

Dose depth verification
in proton therapy
by means of prompt gamma imaging

A. Banu

Thursday 10/02

Gail Dodge

Investigating the Neutron
the Resonance Region

I. Niculescu

Thursday 10/02

Aaron Evans
University of Virginia

"Galaxy Collisions: Starbursts and Giant Black Holes"

Public Lecture
Location/Time: Wilson Hall at 7pm

H. Butner

Thursday 10/09

Nahum Arav
Virginia Tech

Kinetic Luminosity of Quasar Outflows
its Implications to AGN Feedback

A. Constantin

Friday 10/17

Joshua Caldwell

Manipulating Light at the Nanoscale

G. Scarel

Friday 10/24

Costel Constantin
Chris Hughes
JMU Physics

Blue Light Special
The Invention of Efficient Blue LEDs

2014 Nobel Prize Talk

H. Butner

Friday 10/31

Sharon Koh

From Organic Semiconductors to Energetic Materials:
Understanding how basic materials research affects everyday life

JMU Physics Alumnus of the Year
Class of 2002

S. Whisnant

Thrusday 11/06

Rebecca Kamen
JMU Artist in Residence

Portal: Inner and Outer Space

A. Constantin

Friday 11/14

Michelle Shinn


I. Niculescu
G. Scarel

Thursday 11/20

Michael Solontoi
Lynchburg College

The Rise and Fall of Cosmology
in the Ancient World

Public Lecture
Location/Time: Miller 1101 at 7pm

S. Virani

Friday 11/21

Michael Solotoi
Lynchburg College

The Solar System
in the era of large scale surveys

H. Butner

Thursday 11/27


No Classes This Week - No Seminar

Thursday 12/04

Klebert Feitosa


H. Butner

Thursday 12/11

End Of Semester

Finals Week (from 12/09 till 12/13)
No Seminar

Good Luck on Finals!


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