"Disruptive Technologies:  Premonitions of Innovation for 21st Century Intelligence"

Dr.  Timothy Persons


A technology is considered “disruptive” when it achieves a level of technological innovation that eventually overturns the existing dominant technology (cf., Christensen and Bower “Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave”).  There are times when a disruptive technology disturbs the status quo by either satisfying some technical need that the older technology could not fill (viz., the size of computer disks for laptops in the 1980s) or by successively achieving performance improvements until finally displacing the incumbents (viz., the advent of digital photography).

This talk will present two key disruptive technologies which could have a profound influence on the future of the business of intelligence:  Computational Imaging Sensors (CIS) and Quantum Information Science and Technology (QIS&T). 

For each of these emerging disruptive technologies, nascent experiments in each of these regimes will be presented and discussed.