JMU Physics Department Seminar Schedule, Spring 2010
Seminars this semester will be in Room 2212 of the Physics/Chemistry Building

Past Seminars            


JMU Physics Dept. Seminars this semester will meet either Thursday from 4:00-5:25 OR Friday from 3:35 pm to 4:45.  Guests from the outside community are welcome to attend.  They should procure a parking tag at 540-568-3300, or park in metered spaces in the university lots. If you would like to be added to or removed from the email list, notify Harold Butner by sending an email to

Spring 2010 Seminars


Speaker (Affiliation)




Thursday 01/14

Robert Loughman
Hampton University

Atmospheric and Planetary Science
Research Opportunities at Hampton University

Harold Butner

Thursday 01/21

Yvonne Jones

Resource Guide/Library Instruction
(Juniors only)

Harold Butner

Thursday 01/28

Brent Van de Vender
University of Washington

Weighing the Neutrino

Ioana Niculescu

Tuesday 02/02

Adriana Banu
Cyclotron Institute
Texas A&M University

From Nuclei to Stars:
Indirect Experimental Methods and Techniques
in Nuclear Astrophysics

Special Day

Ioana Niculescu

Thursday 02/04

Anton Tonchev
Duke University

DUse of Monoenergetic and Polarized Photon Beams
for Basic and Applied Nuclear Physics

Ioana Niculescu

Tuesday 02/09

Bin Liu
New York University

From "Insect" Hovering to Continental Drift -
Bio- and Geo-inspired Archetypes in Fluid-structure Interactions

Special Day

Brian Utter

Thursday 02/11

Kiebert Feitosa
University of Pennsylvania

Structure and Dynamics of Soft Glassy Materials

Brian Utter

Monday 02/15

Zeina Khan
Dynamics and Self-Organization

Shake, Ratchet, and Roll;
Experiments Probing the Dynamics of Excited Granular Media

Special Day

Brian Utter

Thursday 02/18

No Seminar

Thursday 02/25

Costel Constantin
Seton Hall

Material Science Made Easy

Gabriel Niculescu

Monday 03/01

Mark Holcomb
Davidson College

Cardic Electrodynamics

Special Day

Gabriel Niculescu

Thursday 03/04

No Seminar

Thursday 03/11

Spring Break

No Classes This Week - No Seminar

Thursday 03/18

Gabriel Niculescu

The MINERvA Neutrino Scattering Experiment at Fermilab

Harold Butner

Friday 03/26

James B. Roberto
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Science and Technology for the Energy Challenge:
A Perspective from Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Bill Ingham

Saturday 03/27


Undergraduate Physics Research Symposium

Note: Montpelier Room (East Dining Hall)
08:30 AM - 01:30 PM

Ioana Niculescu

Saturday 03/27

James B. Roberto
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Search for SuperHeavy Elements:
Expanding the Periodic Table and Exploring the "Islands of Stability"

Note: Montpelier Room (East Dining Hall)
9:30 AM - Special Time

Bill Ingham

Thursday 04/01

Harold Butner

Modeling Outbreaks

Thursday 04/08

No Seminar

Thursday 04/15

No Seminar

Thursday 04/22

No Seminar

Thursday 04/29

No Seminar

Thursday 05/06

End Of Semester

Finals Week (from 05/03 till 05/07) - No Seminar




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