JMU Physics Department Seminar Schedule, Fall 2012
Seminars this semester will be in Room 2212 of the Physics/Chemistry Building

Past Seminars            


JMU Physics Dept. Seminars this semester will meet either Thursday from 4:00-5:25 OR Friday from 3:35 pm to 4:45.  Guests from the outside community are welcome to attend.  They should procure a parking tag at 540-568-3300, or park in metered spaces in the university lots. If you would like to be added to or removed from the email list, notify Harold Butner by sending an email to

Fall 2012 Seminars


Speaker (Affiliation)




Thursday 08/30

Harold Butner

Welcome Back Double Feature
We Love AdLab!
Peering inside the Crystal Ball!
(Junior/Senior Advising)

Thursday 09/06

Sucheta Jawalkar
Duke University

Proton Tomography in Momentum Space
using an Electron Beam

K. Giovanetti

Thursday 09/13

Sarah Kohat
Career and Academic

Two Words: Think Ahead!

H. Butner

Friday 09/21

Jim Braatz

Megamasers, Supermassive Black Holes
the Expansion of the Universe

A. Constantin

Thursday 09/27

Dr. Phil Plait

2012: We're All (not) Gonna Die

Special Place - Wilson Hall Auditorium
Special Time - 7 pm

S. Virani

Thursday 10/04

Giovanna Scarel

Energy and chaos at the nanoscale

H. Butner

Thursday 10/11

Paulo Arratia
Univ. of Pennsylvania

Swimming & Self-Propulsions in Viscoelastic Fluids:
Live and Artificial `Swimmers'

K. Feitosa


Friday 10/19

Sean Walsh
JMU Physics
Alumnus of the Year

What else can I do with my physics degree?
How about law!

S. Whisnant

Thursday 10/25

Beni Zihlmann

a search for gluonic degrees of freedom in mesons

I. Niculescu

Thursday 11/01

Jarrett Lancaster

The 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics
Measuring and manipulation
of individual quantum systems

H. Butner

Thursday 11/08

Aaron Titus
High Point University

Physics on Steroids
How to give your physics students
a shot in the arm

C. Hughes


Thursday 11/15

Kenji Hamaguchi
Univ.of Maryland
at Baltimore County
& NASA Goddard

Making a Sun

K. Fukumura

Thursday 11/22


No Classes This Week - No Seminar

Thursday 11/29

No Seminar

Thursday 12/06

Patrick Hopkins
University of Virginia

Measuring heat transfer in nanosystems:
thins films, interfaces, and soft organic polymers

C. Constantin


Thursday 12/13

End Of Semester

Finals Week (from 12/10 till 12/14) - No Seminar


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