JMU Physics Department Seminar Schedule, Fall 2017
Seminars this semester will be in PC 2212 (unless otherwise noted)

Past Seminars            


JMU Physics Dept. Seminars this semester will meet either Thursday from 12:30-1:45 OR Friday from 3:30 pm to 5:45.  Guests from the outside community are welcome to attend.  They should procure a parking tag at 540-568-3300, or park in metered spaces in the university lots. If you would like to be added to or removed from the email list, notify Harold Butner by sending an email to

Fall 2017 Seminars


Speaker (Affiliation)




Thursday 08/31

Harold Butner
JMU Physics

Welcome Back
Meet the Future
(Junior/Senior Advising)

Friday 09/08

Courtney Pelfrey
Career and Academic

View from CAP
Resources JMU can offer you...
(Junior/Senior Advising)

H. Butner

Thursday 09/14

Jacob Brown
JMU Physics

Safety First!
Lab Safety Luncheon
Only Physics Students and Faculty

Note - Special Room: EnGeo 1209

H. Butner

Thursday 09/21

No Seminar

Thursday 09/28

Alyssa Valcourt
JMU Libraries

Research Tools
The Annotated Bibliography
(for students only)

H. Butner

Friday 09/29

Todd Satogata

"Physics" of Accelerator Physics

A. Banu


Thursday 10/05

Peter Olmsted
Georgetown University

Physics-based challenges in Additive Manufacturing

K. Feitosa

Thursday 10/12

John Kroon

A New Analytic Time-Dependent
Particle Acceleration Model:
the Crab Nebula 2011 April Gamma-Ray Flare

H. Butner

Thursday 10/19

Bill Ingham
JMU Physics

Hanford: From a Plutonium Factory
to a Gravitational Wave Detector

H. Butner


Friday 10/27

No Seminar

JMU Physics Alumnus of the Year
Moved to Spring 2018

Friday 11/03

Evan Meekins
Univ. of Pennsylvania

Accelerating Experimental Skills with LINACS
Applying Undergrad Skills to Graduate School

A. Banu

Thursday 11/09

Tehani Finch
Keigo Fukumura

Two Black Holes Go In,
Only One Comes Out

Seminar on the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics

H. Butner

Thursday 11/16

No Seminar

Go to the Labs instead!

Students Explore the Research Labs

All PHYS 105 students and other interested students
visit the Physics Research Labs
and see what your fellow students are working on!


Thursday 11/24

Thanksgiving Break
No Seminar

Thursday 11/30

Virginia Wheeler

The Power of Atomic Layer Deposition
Moving Beyond Amorphous Films

G. Scarel


Friday 12/01

Kevin Giovanetti
JMU Physics

Is there a simple proton?
Standard model: Is that all there is?

H. Butner

Thursday 12/07

No Seminar

H. Butner

Thursday 12/14

End Of Semester

Finals Week (from 12/12 till 12/16)
No Seminar

Good Luck on Finals!


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