Broad Fe Line Reverberation

In most of the X-ray binaries (XRBs) including galactic black hole binaries, we often see in X-ray a nonthermal spectral component (i.e. power-law form) in addition to thermal one (i.e. blackbody). Also in AGNs, the power-law component is universally seen in many sources. In X-ray astrophysics community, a physical origin of such a photon distribution is often attributed to the collisional process called Compton-upscattering of thermal (soft) disk photons by some external relativistic electrons in coronal region above the disk. That is, as the disk photons pass through the coronae, they are Comptonized to higher energies by energetic electrons in such a way that resulting photon distribution follows a power-law form.

A point-like (hard) X-ray source somewhere above an accretion disk

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