As with any lab safety is an issue. This lab is not subject to many hazards but accidents result whenever people become careless.

Common sense and care are mandatory in any lab.


Problem circuits are hot !

You may be surprised to learn that the biggest problem in this lab will be burns. Components improperly connected can get very hot. If we are experimenting we will be hooking up lots of things improperly and so we need to be aware that devices can begin smoking and they can become hot enough to burn our fingers. We often use Leds as lights to signify results or electronic conditions. When improperly connected these device will heat up and sometimes pop. In this lab you will no doubt fry at least one component.


AC-outlets are always dangerous.

The circuits we will build use low voltages and there is very little shock danger. Wall outlets are significantly more powerful. Only put standard ac plugs into the outlets in the lab.


Soldering Irons melt solder and skin.

If you use a soldering iron be careful. Allow adequate space. Avoid a high traffic area. Turn off the iron when done. Be aware that the liquid solder and the soldering iron tip are very hot and can burn you in a nanosecond.