Since this is an upper level course I am willing to discuss how performance should be evaluated. My suggestion is

Test 1

Before Break


Test 2

End of the Semester



Pre-Solution/ Unsolved





I would like to devote the last 20-30 minutes of class to discussion and homework solutions.  I will try to post a series of questions that we can work through at the end of each class.  A student can submit a completed solution at anytime. If it precedes the solution in class it will be considered a Pre-Solution (or if the problem is not discussed.).


A student who completes the Post-Solutions and does average on the test will receive a B.


A student that either excels on the exams or in the homework will receive an A.


With only a few students in the class excelling and doing above average work will be based on my expectations not on the relative performance of the students.  Everyone can receive an A in this class.