Posted on the web page is a discussion of how Herman Weyl tried to add an extension to the Riemannian geometry of Einstein so as to unify gravity and E&M.  You should also have received this as an email.


The assignment is very open ended. Try to understand the article.


As you are researching the aspects of the arguments you will no doubt need to improve your understanding on any number of subtopics. Be prepared to discuss one of these topics for 10 minutes.  Try to pick something simple enough so that you can explain it well.  One possible topic is the metric. Although there are deep mathematical discussions of spaces with metrics there are also some simple clear uses of metrics that could be explained in a short presentation.


Other topics:


·       General relativity (I think Feynman’s “Six not so easy pieces”  has something straightforward on this.)

·       Curvature

·       Tensor transformations

·       Manifolds

·       Gauge transforamation of E&M


Of course feel free to develop your own ideas for a presentation.