Students are expected to present an approximate 10-minute discussion on a specific topic in lieu of a midterm exam. The presentation should not be a list of facts or a summary excerpted from a text book or the internet on a topic that is far beyond the student’s capability. This is perhaps the model for talks in a GSCI101 class where students might choose to describe “Black Holes”. Rather the presentation should be a pedagogical discussion with mathematical justification. The student is expected to research the topic and present the material in class. In order to ensure that the student understands the material power point presentations will not be allowed.


Students are free to choose a topic that is of interest to them but the student must get the instructor’s consent. Please discuss the topic and review the material to be presented with the instructor. 


Students may work in teams of up to two people and present the material together.



Some possible topics;

Kaons, the neutral kaon has an interesting decay scheme because of the strong and weak available decay modes.  This is a prime example of viewing states as linear combinations of other states. Clearly defining the  and their use in characterizing the possible decay schemes would be a challenging and very interesting topic.

Building particles from quarks, There is a fair amount of discussion as to how one builds the mesons and baryons from quarks.  The multiplets and their properties {decuplet, octet….} are important. The construction of the total wavefunction involves a combination of space, spin, flavor and color.

Quark confinement.

Asymptotic freedom

What is a cross section?

Neutral currents

Gluons and QCD

Discovery of charm  J/ψ



CP violation